In light of closures, I wanted to provide the following information for those whose jobs/income may be affected:

You can be eligible for unemployment income if you are laid off from an employment even temporarily. Employers should consider this option if your employees are without pay, with future rehire, application is by state.

You may be eligible for short term disability pay through your employer IF you are actively enrolled in a coverage plan and are symptomatic and required to stay home.

If you are self-employed and pay yourself as an employee, you can temporarily close your business through no fault of your own and be eligible for unemployment

If you are self employed and do not pay yourself employment wages, paid via profits, then you are in a tough spot. I encourage you to get creative and look towards ways you can sustain your business through other means. As an entrepreneur you saw opportunity once and took a leap. There may be areas that support your community while providing revenue.

If you are unable to provide any income, you can apply for TANF. I don’t know how they will handle this situation but they are attempting to keep us afloat, so put pride aside if you need support for your family.

If you lose your job consider COBRA, it’s often better than Marketplace benefits, however, it’s not cheap either. If you prefer to look for subsidized coverage, the marketplace will allow you to enroll for life events which include loss of income.

Communities can and should come together to support each other in the ways we can, and we will make it through the tough times. Please take care and I’m here if anyone has unique scenarios and would like to ask questions contact me directly at