Startup HR Suite

Power3 Solutions can customize your employee handbook and provide forms/documents that allow you to manage your employees successfully and within compliance standards for Federal, state and local governments. This is customized to your specific industry requirements, etc.

In the form below, you may select the items you would like for us to provide, and complete the information requested to allow us to develop your employment tools.

Startup HR Suite

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Select from the items below to reveal the various options for inclusion in your Startup HR Suite. As you select items, additional fields may appear. Please fill these fields with the requested information about your company.

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Is Outside Employment acceptable?
Is there Shift Work?

Paid Time Off Options:

PTO Annual Cap and Pay Out
Vacation Annual Cap and Pay Out
PTO Special Cases
*Bereavement is usually 3 days for immediate family, 1 day for extended family
** Note: Jury Duty, FMLA, Military Leave, etc. are mandatory depending on company size and will be included where required based on compliance standards

Benefits and Perks Offerings:

(please provide any plan documents if already set up)
Benefits Status
Other Insurance Types
Health Savings Account
Other Benefit Types
If 401k is offered, providing:
Profit Sharing Plan (not 401k)
Education Assistance/Professional Development
Student Loan Repayment Plan
Telework/Remote Work Allowed?:
Will there be Business Travel?:
More Forms Options
Choose Template:
Performance Improvement Plan Form
Choose Type:
Filing Setup for Personnel Records:
More Forms Options
Consulting services are available as needs arise. This is especially important to ensure that your business properly handles employee relations issues such as terminations, poor performance, harassment claims, as well as responds accordingly to labor laws regarding pay type, exemption classification, leave requirements, etc. as they arise.
We include approximately 2 hours of direct communications to answer questions and provide guidance in areas as needed once this package is purchased. Additional time will be charged separately and you will be notified as limit is approached.

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