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Power3 gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the services that suit your current business needs.

Recruiting Services

Cleared, technical, scientific, and executive recruiting experts.

Get Me Recruiting!

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Human Resources

Take care of your people with our Expert HR Consultants.

People Matter.

Get me a People Person, stat!

Contract Management

Certified Contract Managers protect your business interests.

Protect Your Business

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Business Development

Capture short and long range Prime/sub teaming opportunities

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Proposal Services

Proposal Management, Writing, Graphics, and DTP by Industry Experts


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Marketing & Web Design

Tell your story! Web Design and Hosting, Social Media Marketing, and more

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Recruiting Services

Unlock the Power of Talent Acquisition.

Power3 is a dedicated recruiting partner with a niche in Technical, Scientific, and Executive roles in DoD/GovCon (TS/SCI+), Healthcare, and Biotech. We represent you in the job market and ensure your message is reaching qualified candidates.

We provide an hourly rate service which includes recruiting support and access to various tools, databases and resources required for recruiting. We have memberships with Linkedin Recruiter, Dice, Indeed Clearance jobs, AI Search and grab tools, and our own internal database with 50,000+ resumes all bundled into your hourly rate.

We launch start-ups and assimilate to existing teams seamlessly, boosting your hiring potential. Our services are also used to bolster proposal Management Volume as a dedicated recruiting source to fulfill staffing requirements.

*Minimum of 10 hrs/week required

Build your Pipeline

Investing in recruiting is an investment in growth!

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Select a Recruiting Package to Fit Your Needs

  • Recruiting Compliance and Process

  • ATS Setup/Management
  • Includes Our Tools and Resources
  • Includes our 50,000+ Resume ATS
  • Social Media Job Posting Blasts!
  • Minimum 10 hrs/week

Human Resources

A Company’s Greatest Asset, People Matter.

Power3 HR has launched start-ups for brand new companies, and supported national and global HR. With our Fractional HR leadership and HR consulting, we implement HRIS, Payroll and Accounting systems and integrations. We develop and implement excellent, competitive benefits and compensation plans designed to attract and retain talent. We write Employee Handbooks, implement policies and practices, and conduct audits to ensure our client operations are consistent with federal, state and local laws. We provide employee performance and engagement support and even throw parties!

Federal Contractors have an additional layer of responsibility and our expert HR consultants can support all required EEO/VETS Reporting, New Hire Reporting, Unemployment, etc. We manage FMLA plans, Payroll Administration, SCA contracts, and all other requirements that companies face when it comes to their people.

Employees are your greatest asset…and your greatest liability. It’s fun to have people work for your company, but eventually it will get harder, we’ve assisted in compliance audits for exemption/overtime breaches, advised on EEO complaints, and helped companies with difficult terminations.

Protect your People

Let Power3 do the hard stuff to take care of your people so you can enjoy the fun times!

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Select a Customized HR Option for your Business

  • Dedicated Fractional HR Option offers HR Management and HR Administration as your Dedicated Resource
  • HR Hotline Option is for Companies with internal HR needing high level expertise available for strategic/policy needs,  has low Subscription fee and hourly HR Management Rate
  • HR Project Option is for Short Term Projects like System Implementations, Compliance Audits, etc.

Contract Management

Protect your Business with Contract Compliance

Our Certified Contracts Managers can leverage your interests by supporting best practices, identifying opportunities to improve your agreements, and ensuring that the terms protect your business.

We support all government contracts for Prime Contractors, Subcontracts and subcontractor administration, IDIQ’s, GSA’s, GWAC’s, Teaming Agreements, Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Grants, SCA Contracts etc. We can create and provide contract terms that meet industry standards, and ensure that every contract you sign is thoroughly vetted.

Pre-award we can review RFP contract terms for consideration, post-award we can negotiate and implement compliance requirements in coordination with Accounting, Payroll, HR, and Management. We can set up contracts management systems, review contract modifications, and advise on any contract matters including employment agreements.

Protect Your Interests

Leverage your negotiations with contracts, we know what you should be asking for!

Get Power3 Contract Help Now

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Get As-Needed Contract Support

  • Contract Negotiation and Leveraging

  • Create and review Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Review RFP Contract Requirements pre-award
  • Implement Contract Requirements post-award with accounting, payroll and HR
  • Support IDIQ’s, GSA’s, GWAC’s, and all other contracts needs.

Business Development

Make Strategic Moves Grow Your Business

Power3 provides Business Development and Capture services to help our clients develop and pursue strategies for growth. Our consultants have extensive experience supporting DoD Agencies including NSA, CIA, DIA, DISA, Army, Navy, Marines, Space Force, etc), and other agencies including NASA, NOAA, NIH, CMS, etc, with specialties in defense, intelligence, healthcare, space and aeronautics. Each consultant has a bio that can be reviewed to find the right fit for your growth goals.

Consultants will utilize available resources to track upcoming RFPs, Re-competes, develop partnership/teaming opportunities, and strategically align the client with targeted goals for growth and enhancing past performance and differentiators.

Clients can expect our consultants to review past performance, shape strategies to gain experience in areas of identified opportunities, build relationships with potential partners and prime organizations, and receive insights on competition and incumbents. Our BD consultant can coordinate with Power3 or internal proposal and contract consultants to leverage your business and solutions when preparing proposal responses to RFPs.

Track Your Growth.

Let Power3 find the right people for your company and not only see the growth, but feel it as well.

Get Power3 Growth Services Now

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Choose a Capture and Business Development Option

  • Business Development and Capture Consultants with extensive experience to fit any size company
  • Annual Contract for Long-range Capture Strategies
  • Monthly BD hours with a minimum of 20 hours/month of BD Consulting Support
  • Dedicated DoD/Healthcare experienced Business Development/Capture Consultants
  • Help with GSA’s, IDIQ’s, Teaming Partnerships, Prime positioning, and company strategy for growth

Proposal Services

Response Team Ready Win Proposals

Make your proposal responses count with the Power3 Proposal Team! Anyone can slap together a response, but to write a winning response requires excellence. Power3 will help you strategically align your proposal framework to your targeted RFPs. We can run bid/no-bid reviews on all RFPs, develop questions for Q&A, analyze and research competition and incumbents, develop win themes and ensure that a thorough process is followed to protect your interests and maximize your potential.

We provide full teams including proposal managers, proposal writers, technical writers, proposal graphics designer expert, and desktop publisher. You can just use one or two of our expert consultants, or build a whole team, depending on the requirements. We follow a modified Shipley method with color teams, a managed timeline, and coordinate subject matter experts, etc.

Power3 also acts as a third party that can act to bolster capabilities in the management volume. We are used to demonstrate added capacity to recruit and staff contracts, human resources support for managing transitions and onboarding of incumbents, and other areas required to demonstrate your company is ready to manage contracts as a prime!

A Team That Does It All

We can provide an entire proposal team or simply provide one or two experts to plug into your existing team.

Get Power3 Proposal Help Now

Sign up online and we will initiate a kick-off meeting within 24 Business hours.

Select a Proposal Package

  • Senior Proposal Manager
  • Senior Proposal Writer
  • Proposal Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Pick your consultant(s) and Set a Maximum budget!!

Marketing and Web Design

Share Your Story On All Platforms

We know how important it is to connect with your target audience wether it be on LinkedIn, Instagram, or your own website. By utilizing themes, keywords, and SEO concepts, we maximize your company’s visibility in online searches as well as grow your following. We track and exploit engagements through analytics and find ‘what works’ to increase traffic on your website and social media platforms.

Our web design and graphic design services provide complete overhauls to bring your website to date with a completely fresh, user-friendly design. Our ongoing bundle services allow for regular small refreshes to your site design, functionality and content as well as hosting and security services.

Power3 keeps your company up to date with the latest platforms and applications for your website and social media platforms to function with maximum efficiency and gain the most traction.

Show Who You Are

Power3 can show the world who your company is and what you stand for.

Get Power3 Marketing and Web Design Now

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Up Your Game With Marketing & Web Services

  • Small to Large Marketing Package Options
  • Newsletters and/or Blog Content Writing Offered
  • Web Design from Standard Web Packages to Extensive Development and Capabilities

  • Web Hosting, Site Security and Web Maintenance Packages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Fresh Content Updates Offered
  • Additional Web Security Package Ideal for our DoD Client Base

  • Print Marketing and Branded Clothing and Swag

Let Power3 Run Your Business.

Candidates in Power3 ATS
Social Media Follower Growth
Winning Proposal Value

Frequently Asked Questions

We only provide hourly rate services to allow us to partner with our clients and promote them directly with candidates. We don’t like shopping resumes to the highest bidder, and have found that you don’t get the best candidates that way, the commission costs are prohibitive to our core client base, and in the long run it’s a savings for our committed clients!

We are always checking to ensure that we update you on impactful legal requirements, providing updated resources, checking in on the status of recommended updates, maintaining liability for providing HR services, and retaining the best HR team to be available for you immediately! While it’s less than two hours of time, we do spend that time on each of our clients for compliance checks and updates monthly, including our monthly newsletter and reminders.

We love when our clients see us as a total solution and utilize various services, and will often reward that with some pricing negotiation, however, it may depend on which services and the length of the contract(s). Contact us to discuss!

Yes, we do have metrics. We like to remind our potential clients that there are many variables outside of our control that may impact their direct experience with our services. For example, in recruiting, we have more success recruiting for companies who are very engaged with us, who have great salaries and benefits, and give us the authority to advocate for the candidates with the primes/customer.

Unfortunately, there are too many variables that affect the proposal writing timeframe, and any estimates we may give are based on very limited information. We prefer to develop a budget that is comfortable for our client with the understanding that we will not exceed the budget unless you authorize more time, and we will always give realistic feedback on the budget if we foresee constraints.  We can look at the RFP, but until we dive in and see what resources and internal framework (if any) that you  have for management and technical volumes, and any contributing partners, SME’s, etc, we will not have a full grasp on what is needed. Additionally requirements and timelines are often adjusted during the proposal. We do try to work efficiently and manage our time effectively for our clients, and have often stayed under budget.

From the Kick-off Meeting we can start recruiting within a few hours!  We will assess your needs, and if necessary, set up your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and any tags and criteria for the system, then if needed we can install on your website for job postings and connect to free job posting accounts and linked in. Then we set up the job postings, and now we’re ready to recruit!!  We do it so often we have it down to a science. If you don’t need an ATS setup, it happens even quicker!!

Our Business Development and Capture consultants all have over 2 decades of experience in the government contracting realm, with an emphasis on DoD including Intelligence Community (IC) and Military Organizations, Healthcare, NASA and Aerospace, FSA, and a whole host of other 3 digit acronym agencies! Several of our consultants have Top Secret DoD Clearance as well, and all are excellent in carving out a path forward for our clients!

Our clients have vastly different needs. Our baseline services allow us to essentially ‘own’ the HR role for the organization and we do everything HR. This works best for companies with no skilled HR person. Our hotline is for companies that has someone doing the day-to-day HR work internally, but wants support to lean back on or help with more complex issues like policies and employee relations issues.  Our project option is for a one-time shorter term project like system implementation or policy review.