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We value our integrity, offer knowledge, and deliver results to our Clients.

Our team of professionally-skilled Consultants will offer guidance and support customized to your business needs. We pride ourselves on being productive, proactive, and efficient. We have the vision to offer leadership, and the work ethic to deliver quality products.

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Virtual CIO

System Build/Installs

CMMC/NIST Compliance

Security Awareness Training

Technical Services


Human Resources

Recruiting (+DoD)

Retention Services


Event Planning

People Services


Web Design

Social Media


Performance Analytics

Graphic Design

Marketing Services


Capture Management

Business Development

Proposal Writing

Technical Writing

Analytics and Metrics

Growth Services

We help businesses thrive. Are you ready for success?

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“Power3 is a well-rounded company offering quite a few different business services. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenny Meetre in HR and recruitment for technology driving companies.  The professionalism, response time, and quality of work have been stellar.”

- Melisa Lewis

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Employee Vs. Consultant

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