We’ve made it easy for you!  When considering services or support from a vendor or consultant the one thing you always think about is, ‘Yeh I want that, but how much will it cost me?”  After going through a long process with a consultant evaluating your needs, they come back and the cost is nowhere near what you expect, and now you’re thinking, “hmmm, maybe I didn’t want it THAT much.”  Now you’ve wasted time you can’t get back and your problem still isn’t solved!

We get that.  We have been in your shoes, and cost can be a deal-breaker for services and support.  We want to eliminate the time wasted and avoid the sticker shock by being fully transparent with our rates.  We are open to discussion and negotiation, however this sets the tone and gives you a ballpark idea of what to expect.  

Most importantly, it shouldn’t be a ‘job’ to get help to do a job.  We’re here to swoop in quickly and take the burdens off your shoulders and manage it for you.  As our business grows, we are constantly looking at ways to make the process of consulting work simple and a true solution for your problems and needs, so this is one step towards the simplification of our services!

Some of our most exciting packages include a monthly service plan for HR Consulting, where we are available on-call for a certain number of hours to help you through sticky situations, like disciplinary actions and employee relations.  Another is our web design plan where you can continuously update and upgrade content.  Most companies will do a fully built-from-scratch website every couple of years, this solution spreads out the cost and keeps it continually fresh.  Not to mention we can provide you with constantly evolving search engine optimization and analytics.  There’s more, just check out our site!  

What’s next for Power3?  With simplification in mind we are working on prepackaged solutions in all areas.  We are also really focused on enhancing our IT Security services with many DoD businesses seeing CMMC assessment standards coming down the pike.  We are working with organizations to get ready NOW, as it can take 6 months to a year, even more depending on your assessment level, to be ready for your CMMC assessment!  Current NIST compliance standards allow us to address your requirements in anticipation of this, which you should be compliant with already (but are you???), and as a registered practicing organization for CMMC standards, we will be ready as soon as the training is rolled out to add any tweaks and get you where you need to be!