New!! Power3 Rates and Packages

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We’ve made it easy for you!  When considering services or support from a vendor or consultant the one thing you always think about is, ‘Yeh I want that, but how much will it cost me?”  After going through a long process with a consultant evaluating your needs, they come back and the cost is nowhere near what you expect, and [...]

Protect the Employee, Protect the Company

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As businesses are re-opening and life is cranking back up to 1/4 pace, employers are increasingly facing the challenges of ensuring the safety of employees.  Some employees aren't concerned, others are very scared, and some may be vulnerable or live with vulnerable people in their household.   In some cases the company is already open as an essential business and has [...]

Loss of Income and/or Revenue During Coronavirus

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In light of closures, I wanted to provide the following information for those whose jobs/income may be affected: You can be eligible for unemployment income if you are laid off from an employment even temporarily. Employers should consider this option if your employees are without pay, with future rehire, application is by state. You may be eligible for short term [...]

Employee Vs. Consultant

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What is the difference between employees and consultants for business services and support? Liability - that's number one. As an employer you have much greater responsibility for the relationship in terms of being legally accountable for their work, to the state and federal government employment laws, and even personally liable for their well-being at work. Service - Consultants have a [...]

Ways to Improve Client Communication

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As consultants we are here to lead our clients towards their goals. This means that we must have effective communication, and not only be aware of what they want from our support, but show them how our expertise can bring fresh new ideas to the table. This requires a full assessment, really exploring their goals and developing a pathway to [...]

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